Frequently asked questions

No products PEDIAKID ® does not contain gluten (outside care products).

Yes, the PEDIAKID ® references may be associated with no risk.

PEDIAKID ® Calcium is made from calcium carbonate.

All of our Pediakid® products do not contains aspartame.

In general, we do not advise the use of our products (regardless of the dosage form) beyond the BBD. If however the product is consumed beyond the deadline for optimal use, it can lose in quality and efficiency but in any case it becomes harmful.

Echinacea used in our references PEDIAKID ® is permitted in food supplements without restriction.
There are many scientific studies that prove the safety of Echinacea and profits (including a study in children 1 to 5 years).
Also shown are specific nutritional doses for children less than 5 years.
These products are marketed since 2003 and prescribed by doctors since 2008.

PEDIAKID ® Insect Shield ‘was developed from a complex of essential oils especially suitable for children from 3 months to minimize allergenic components and no potential toxic effect given the doses used.
However, it is not recommendable to expose the area to sunlight within 6 hours after application.

Mosquitoes and ticks: proven efficacy of 8 hours, Other flying insects are repelled by HE Lavender like wasps.

We advise against the use of children under 3 years due to the solid form (chewing gums in the form of little bears) but nothing in the formula is not indicated against children under 3 years.
If the child of 2 ½ years knows chew, so there is no cons to give it to him, under the supervision of parents.

The conservation of the bottle in the refrigerator is recommended but not mandatory. However, it must be placed in a room where the temperature is low enough.

All syrups are formulated with natural ingredients in natural syrup basic Agave BIO associated with prebiotic fibers, and may agree without cons-indications, adverse effects, or even addiction to very young children, generally from 5-6 months, that is to say from the time the child begins to have a varied diet.
We take this opportunity to remind you that PEDIAKID ® syrups are food supplements, for adjusting physiological disorders.
To the extent where the physiological responses (as well as physiological disorders) can be different for different children, we recommend to follow the programs can vary from 2 to 4 weeks, renew if necessary.

Because the child’s digestive system is immature. Food diversification, which is done as and as recommended by the pediatrician, used to introduce gradually new elements previously “foreign” to the digestive system learns to identify, digest and the assimilate, without generating a “rejection” (which may occur, for example, by allergies). Our PEDIAKID syrups contain herbs, vitamins and minerals, which are risk free but otherwise beneficial to the child, since his digestive system was used to receiving various nutrients and absorb.

Ideally it is after breakfast and lunch, but you may as well give him after snack.

These are synthetic Cyanocobalamin.

PEDIAKID ® Nervousness is to fight against the agitation in the day, where the recommended advice.
Knowing that for the evening PEDIAKID ® Sleep will be more appropriate.
Nevertheless, we can effectively administer PEDIAKID®Nervosité evening if desirede.

PEDIAKID ® Sleep can entirely be done given to a child throughout the year without interruption, without changing the recommended doses, and without any risk.

PEDIAKID ® Vitamin D3 can be stored 2 years, even open, under normal storage conditions but without refrigerate (otherwise the oil freezes!).
If you follow the advice of use and you realize continuous treatment, the bottle will take about 3 months.
You can take the product for 1 year but with interruption of 15 days between each 3 months.
Lanolin is a fatty substance extracted from sheep wool.
Finally, fluoride is not allowed in food supplements.