Frequently asked questions

Of course, because none contains any doping substance or is likely to cause not attributable to natural metabolism effects in the body. STC NUTRITION products were developed for the performance of athletes in training and competition. They comply with the standard AFNOR NF V DOPING 94-001


The AMINOLISE is an exclusive innovation STC NUTRITION, enjoyed most formulas, especially those rich in protein. It optimizes the assimilation while reducing the side effects commonly seen with other proteins market. (Bloating, digestive heaviness …)

The formulas of food supplements based on STC NUTRITION® assets or asset groups, the effectiveness and job security have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies.

STC NUTRITION Nutritional supplements pose no risk to health. They can be combined to benefit from their synergistic effects. Care must be taken, however, to comply with the instructions for use and do not exceed recommended doses. Do not hesitate to ask for tips in STC NUTRITION team or any other health specialist or sports nutrition to build your personalized nutritional program.

Modern life or personal taste are that it is not always easy to compose balanced and varied menus to the nutritional needs, especially if they are increased by the practice of regular physical activity or any other particular physiological situation (due to age, stress …) nutritional supplements developed by experts can complement the natural way to bring food to the body everything it needs to keep itself good shape whatever the tests to which it is subjected.

Vegetal Protein Control, which is developed based on soy protein isolate, Peas and Rice

Dietary supplements are not drugs but as a precaution when a person is under medical treatment or in a particular physiological state, it must refer to their doctor or a health professional

Dietary supplements are not drugs but as a precaution when a person is under medical treatment or in a particular physiological state, it must refer to their doctor or a healthcare professional

From 15 years old.

Creatinine is a metabolite or “waste” resulting from the metabolism of creatine by muscle cells. It is excreted in the urine.

In bad kidney function, creatinine accumulation in the body can cause side effects, including digestive and dehydration which can lead to muscle cramps.
This is why it is important to use only stabilized creatine forms that do not convert or very little creatinine in the body.

Kre-Alkalyn ® and Creapure®, used in STC Nutrition ® products are the purest forms and safest market for maximum comfort and total safety of athletes, in accordance with the advice of use.

In general, we do not advise the use of our products (regardless of the dosage form) beyond the deadline of optimal use. If however the product is consumed beyond the deadline for optimal use, it can lose in quality and efficiency but in any case it becomes harmful.

All our products are free of GMO.

In general, dietary supplements are not dangerous to health.

Any dietary supplement can be taken year round without risk, since the instructions for use are followed.

However, this is not necessarily advisable (except for certain nutrients in particular) because the body gets used and effectiveness of the product may therefore diminish over time.

This is why it is rather advisable to cures of 1 to 2 months, repeated 3-4 times a year.

Creatine does not cause bloating. Its mode of action generates a light water retention which may (rarely) caused discomfort but just to hydrate to alleviate it.

Creatine can not be a substitute for protein intake but can complement it to maximum effect in a mass shooting lens. Proteins are building blocks of muscle that have a nutritionally complete amino acid profile, their contribution is essential to the ground connection.

Creatine is an amino acid that the body produces according to its needs from protein foods. It is a precursor of ATP, which provides energy to muscle cells. It can improve performance in exercises with resistance (weight lifting). Creatine also helps increase muscle volume and improves muscle mass / fat mass.

Our directions tell mixing in cold water to maintain optimal properties of our protein and a better dissolution. Nevertheless it is possible to mix our proteins warm but not boiling water (boiling water could alter the quality of our product).

NB: It may be that the dissolution is slightly longer.

Sugars and fats are not treated immediately after ingestion, they must first be broken down into smaller molecules by digestive enzymes (mainly in the stomach) and then travel to the intestines. Taking FAT & SUGAR LIMIT just at the end of the meal, we know that the constituent fibers will come to “coat” almost all of the bolus located in the stomach and thus minimize their degradation by enzymes and as they arrive in the intestines readable form.

The sugars in the GAINER reference STC NUTRITION brand are maltodextrins (complex carbohydrates slow = 91% – Simple = 9% simple carbohydrates and fructose (simple carbohydrates) Guarana Shot.

16.5 kcal per 25 ml or 69 kJ, these values are average values and are subject to variation.

Sensitivity to stimulating power of caffeine depends on the individual and their consumption habits. It is likely that taking these supplements in the evening has no effect on sleep, except in cases of sensitivity to these constituents. We advise you to try to make your own experience. In all cases, product efficacy will not be diminished.

It is quite possible to consume 2 bottles of Kill-Fit in the same day.

These maltodextrins from corn starch with 84% of a degree of polymerization greater than 4

The DE is less than 19.9 (usually around 16)

Omega 3 and 9 have a favorable effect on cardiovascular function and may in no case be responsible for an increase in tension (instead, they help to regulate).

The ideal is to keep the current advice for use as nutritional supplementation couples to physical activity that is generally larger in day or 3 capsules in the morning and / or 3 capsules in the afternoon.

Sensitivity to stimulating power of caffeine and caffeine depends on the individual and their consumption habits. It is likely that taking these supplements in the evening has no effect on sleep, except in cases of sensitivity to these constituents. We advise you to try to make your own experience. In all cases, product efficacy will not be diminished.

These two proteins meet an objective of drying and muscle definition.

The difference is to highlight especially the composition and decision period:

– The 95 is a sorting protein sources with intake of casein (protein slow assimilation) that is consumed after the workout and promotes lean muscle setting and drying.

– Premium Isolate consists of a whey isolate (protein to rapid assimilation – 10-20 mins) which therefore can be consumed during the training session or immediately after it. The whey protein isolate used comes from a patented technology ( “Instant Clear Technology”) incorporating a micro-filtration and purification, which ensures the preservation of its nutritional value, its partial hydrolysis for maximum bioavailability, very low-lactose and fat to a maximum tolerance, and finally obtaining a translucent and light solution, refreshing, ideal to effort “forcibly”. The “drying” effect is reinforced by the fat-burning assets such as carnitine, caffeine and chromium

As part of a dry program is ideal to use Premium Isolate in addition to 95: for example, one or two servings of Premium Isolate during the session, then a portion of 95 within an hour of the session.

Arginine: 3.78 g / 100 g of protein 0.74 g (or 740 mg) per dose of 25 g of powder.

The maximum allowed dose of creatine in food supplements in France is 3 g / day dose for which it has a perfect job security. Our recommendations for use meet this regulatory requirement.

There are over a European consensus on the effectiveness of such an assay on improving physical capacities when successive series of very intense exercise of short duration.

However, some European countries (other than France) chose a higher level of use, based on recognized scientific publications: Italy, for example, allows up to 6 g / day. for sport for one month.

Finally, remember that the pot can be stored up to a year after opening in optimal conditions (away from heat, moisture) without altering its nutritional profile.

Within 30 minutes prior to the effort.

There is no risk, the amount of caffeine is very low if we respect the instructions for use.

Taurine is an amino acid produced naturally by animal organisms. It is not possible to extract it in its natural form, as it is reproduced by synthesis in the laboratory, from 2-hydroxyethane sulfonic acid. So no animal trace.

We suggest taking our capsules 30 minutes before meals when possible. Nevertheless, taken just before starting the meal is also possible.

The practice of bodybuilding is not an obligation during the cure.

We nevertheless recommend the practice of a sports activity (brisk walking …) for better complementarity with the cure.

TRIBULUS The product can also be used by women.

In fact, it strengthens the resistance of the organism, improves carbohydrate metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

It is also involved in regulating the hormonal system including testosterone produced mainly in humans but also present in women in smaller quantities

This index is a quality criterion used Malto. It should be <20 for an extended energy intake, which is the case.

All sweeteners are manufactured by synthesis (except that derived from stevia that is of plant origin), there are none of animal origin.

Il s’agit de d’une whey issue de la filière lait.
La matière première ne dose pas spécifiquement la teneur en GMP.
Etant issue de la filière lait c’est la ß-lactoglobuline qui sera la plus importante (pas de teneur précise car ces protéines ne sont pas dosées spécifiquement)

This product is produced from colostrum on lactose medium. It can be estimated at about 60 g per capsule.

This product does not contain iron (except for traces naturally found in plants , milk proteins or other ingredients used. The iron oxide that appears in the composition of the capsule is the tunic ivory dye clouds those, but not a significant intake of iron).