Whey Muscle+ is the latest novelty STC NUTRITION®

Its strength lies in its association with very high nutritional value:

Lactodérum +colostrum Hydrolyzed + collagen + Glutamine

  • High protein (including whey) that contribute to building muscle
  • Source Magnesium rich in Vitamin D that contribute to normal muscle function.
  • Rich in vitamin B5 involved in testosterone synthesis
  • Active objectified: hydrolyzed collagen peptides + 50% * of lean mass (muscle), + 100% power output * (force)

* Koning D. et al. 2013

Like all STC NUTRITION protein, Whey Muscle + is enriched AMINOLISE (fibers, lactic acid bacteria, digestive enzymes and proteolytic), an association of asset innovative and exclusive natural origin which allows optimum digestibility and assimilation.