STC NUTRITION ® alongside the largest sports club nice: l’ONN

Always closer to the athletes,TCCNutrition supports the largest club nice, the Olympic Nice swimming!
The club is primarily a sports association comprising over 1800 licensees including 1650 in aquatic sports. Present on 5 disciplines: swimming, diving, triathlon, water polo and synchronised swimming, this club form the greatest athletes of our generation. Worn by the performance of Yannick Agnel, Camille Muffat or Clément Lefert, recently awarded gold and Bronze at the Championships of world small catchment area of Dubai, the club accumulated performance with national and international records thus reinforcing the indisputable qualities and the reputation of this great club!

> A sacred list!

The NSB hits hard! Nice club holds the best results of the city, all sports combined. Athletes have already hoisted no less 43 times nice colors on the catwalks European and national, winning 17 titles, whether it’s swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, triathlon and water polo.

For several years now, the club strives to train young athletes. If see them shine is a real satisfaction, the club wishes first of all to convey their sporting and human values healthy. A will that includes the secret of success of the club.

The NSB is also an osmosis between two personalities: a president, Jean Monnot and a director general, former international water polo referee, Richard Papazian. For 15 years, the two leaders work doggedly for the good of the club and its swimmers.

STC Nutrition ® is pleased to accompany all stewards of the NSB in the effort!