Team Garmin- STC NUTRITION participates in numerous trails. It is based on 12 runners followers of outdoor sports. The brand STC Nutrition of Laboratory INELDEA supports them throughout their efforts in combination with Garmin at, which provides sports and adventure lovers and travel, a whole arsenal of technology facilitating the movement and the sport !
The most products used by Team

Isotonic Power: preparing for isotonic energy drink of the effort of carbohydrate intake (Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Fructose) enriched with vitamins and Guarana. It maximizes hydration and thus compensate for vitamin and mineral losses during exercise, improving muscular endurance.

MINERAL DRINK Lemon: energy drink of the effort that promotes optimal hydration and remineralization.

OVER and OVER BLAST BLAST Energy Cramp No Effect “boost” during intense or prolonged efforts. Blast Energy Gels Over push the limits of fatigue, strengthen the natural defenses of the body and maximize muscle energy potential.

 Results and targets 2014:

  • The diagonal of fools – October 2014
  • TransAlpine Run – September 2014
  • The Championship of France of Trail Court – September 2014
  • The international Sky Running sleeves – August 2014
  • Mont Blanc Ultra Trail – August 2014
  • Red Bull K3 – August 2014
  • Sylvain and Sébastien Camus: reached 10th and 11th of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail and 1st and 2nd French

Results 2013:

  • 7th diagonal of fools
  • 2nd on the Transalpine Vice champion of France short trail team
  • 3rd of the MTB Raid the paths of the Sun
  • 2nd in the Dynafit X 3 of Courchevel
  • 4th the RAID of Vellón bridge Arc

Results 2012:

  • Winner of the Oxygen Challenge
  • Winner of the Trail from the balconies of Azur
  • Winner of the Duo of the Hermitage
  • Many Trails regional winner
  • 4th of the CCC
  • 10th Red Bull items
  • 4th in the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge (December 2011)

Results 2011:

  • MultiSport Vallon Pont d’Arc: Double victory for TEAM GARMIN
  • BLAUSASC-Trail:
  • Victory of Sylvain Camus
  •  Jonathan & Steeve finishes 3rd & 7th at the scratch on the Festatrail away
  • Tony finished 5th on the 42km
  • First edition of the Red Bull
  • 14th scratch and first mixed team
  • RAID of the two massifs in Gémenos
  • 1st and 2nd place for the two committed team on the expert course
  • The Escarenoise
  • Victory of Sylvain
  • 4th place in Frederick