Join us, to be part of a joint project.

Why join us?

Joining Ineldea Laboratories means wanting to actively participate in the development of a dynamic and innovative family business, positioned since its creation in 2003, in the market for natural health products and cosmetics.

Joining us also means joining a joint project. That of contributing every day, in everything we do to the awareness that Health is precious, and should be maintained throughout life, to live youthfully, for a long time.

A leading laboratory
in many markets

With 10 brands and a portfolio of more than 400 products we offer a nutritional response that meets everyone’s needs, at every stage of life.

Women, men, children, athletes, each individual must provide his/her body with specific nutrients.
It is with this in mind that the different brands of Laboratoires Ineldea have been designed.

Our technical and scientific expertise is now widely recognised by healthcare professionals and the general public.

A laboratory of
convictions and commitments

Synadiet member

As a member of Synadiet (National Syndicate of Food Supplements), we actively participate in implementing concrete actions for the responsible development of our business sector, in particular on matters relating to quality, consumer information and safety.

Our mission is also the promotion of food supplements and their recognition as an integral part of a well-being and health policy.

Member of the French Sports Nutrition Union

We are also a SFNS member (French Syndicate of Sports Nutrition), whose mission is to promote sports nutrition, with the objective of health protection, performance research, and prevention of addictive behaviour.

ISO 22 000 certification

Our mission is also the promotion of food supplements and their recognition as an integral part of a policy of well-being and improvement in health. ISO 22 000 certification: as part of a permanent quality approach, Laboratories Ineldea is ISO 22 000 certified.

Anti-Doping: Now European Standard NF EN17444

We pay special attention to the quality of our formulations and their active ingredients.

We were one of the 1st brands, in 2012, through our STC NUTRITION® range, to comply with the French anti-doping standard AFNOR V94-001.

This standard, at the initiative of France (Ministry of Sports and Manufacturers through Synadiet), has very recently been adopted and harmonised to become European standard NF 17 444, which is necessary to guarantee the perfect quality and safety of foodstuffs and food supplements for athletes. All our nutrition products comply with the European Anti-Doping standard NF EN 17444.

Product Quality & Safety

All the references of Laboratories Ineldea are manufactured in accordance with regulations and according to a quality and product safety management system.

Laboratoires Ineldea is involved in many causes

An Eco-responsible, Environmental and Ethical approach

Sorting and recovery of waste, equipment and technology to reduce the use of paper, minimising packaging and choosing recyclable materials, selecting printers certified Green Print and PEFC, etc.

Sustainable development and social commitment
  • Maintaining employment, no job cuts in the 18 years of the company, 100% of our work-study contracts transformed into permanent contracts;
  • At the company, we an osteopath available free of charge, with 80% of detected issues having been improved;
  • Once a week, a trainer comes to the company for a group sports session.

to share

Our values guide our actions: Respect, Team Spirit, Performance, Transparency and Enthusiasm, are the common foundation that unites all of our teams, with each employee supports and respects.