Laboratoires INELDÉA: sustainable commitment.


Laboratoires INELDÉA is committed to
children: Proof

Since 1888, the Lenval Foundation, and today the Nice CHU-Lenval Children’s Hospitals, have been committed to giving every child the best possible chance to lead a happy, healthy life.

Combining the power of compassionate care and research to better understand diseases and transform knowledge into innovative treatments, cures and preventive measures; the reference and skill centres have several missions:

  • To facilitate the diagnosis and management of patients;
  • To coordinate research work;
  • To improve the level of understanding of diseases by patients;
  • To act as privileged stakeholders for patient associations.

Ineldéa Laboratories, recognised by the Lenval Foundation

The Nice CHU-Lenval Children’s Hospitals are references for treating mitochondrial and neuromuscular diseases, cystic fibrosis, sudden infant death, as well as in learning disorders.

There are 131 disease reference centres in France, of which the Nice CHU-Lenval Children’s Hospitals are part. Created to structure healthcare for patients and make rare diseases and their treatment more visible, the reference centres play an essential role for diseases and groups of diseases requiring specific skills.

The foundation includes 16 social and medical social sites for children and adolescents and receives nearly 60,000 emergencies and 15,000 hospitalisations each year.

Keen for many years on providing natural alternatives for the well-being and daily comfort of the youngest patients, in order to preserve their health, it is quite natural that Laboratoires Ineldéa has wanted to support the Lenval Foundation.

Thanks to its very strong local roots (Nice Promenade des Anglais), its values ​​and its undisputed reputation, this “child-friendly” sponsorship seemed obvious to us.

If you too want to support the Lenval Foundation for Children since 1888:

Laboratoires INELDÉA supports the SOS Préma association.

Laboratoires INELDÉA has strengthened its commitment to associations working for the health and well-being of children by now supporting the SOS Préma association.

Since 2004, SOS Préma has been fighting to give all premature children the best chance of growing up in good health through several missions.

The association supports parents faced with the prematurity and/or hospitalisation of their new-born: information, advice and guidance, psychological support, improvement of their daily life in the hospital, social and legal support, training of caregivers, etc.

SOS Préma also represents families before public authorities and defends their rights by mobilising society, the medical profession, and public authorities to understand the problems of prematurity better and lobbying for better care for families, etc.

If you would like to donate to the SOS Préma association:


& Ethical

Our daily commitment is to increase natural solutions in the service of your health, with an eco-friendly approach. Our desire is to go even further, by acting in a concrete and sustainable manner to make our contribution to protecting our planet.

At a time when the planet’s resources are at the centre of all debates, Laboratories Ineldéa is working alongside PLANETE URGENCE.

An abused natural space

Every year, no less than 80,000 km² of forest disappear around the world (Asia, South America, Africa), which is ten times the surface area of Corsica. The more this deforestation accelerates, the more carbon dioxide (CO2), the main greenhouse gas that is partly responsible for climate change, is released.

Today, many countries have lost control over deforestation. Deforestation has dramatic consequences for humans, animals and the environment around the world.

Forests are essential for climate balance. they must be preserved at all costs

Protecting our forests, preserving the biodiversity of many plant and animal species and maintaining the ecosystem is a priority: an absolute urgency.

Laboratories Ineldéa is committed

Created in 2000, the PLANETE URGENCE association, recognised as being of public utility and international solidarity, has set out its mission of supporting people and preserving the planet.

Its commitment revolves around 2 major actions:

  • Supporting the local economic development of communities so that everyone can live with dignity, autonomously and in full awareness of environmental issues;
  • Protecting forests and biodiversity, which are essential for climate balance.

PLANETE URGENCE acts on the ground and supports local actors through various projects in 3 countries, heavily affected by deforestation:

  • In Indonesia on the island of Borneo and on the island of Java;
  • In Cameroon in the Bénoué national park;
  • In Madagascar.

Let’s take root together

It is now urgent that we act by reforesting our forests, which are essential to our balance, in order to leave future generations a “healthy” planet.

Planting trees is the most natural and effective solution to preserve our climate balance and protect biodiversity.

To do so, Laboratories Ineldéa is committed to PLANETE URGENCE in their participatory actions of generosity, the objective of which is to contribute to restoring and protecting threatened ecosystems.

Trees and people for a responsible, united and sustainable planet!

Our sponsorship materialises our commitment. It is meaningful and offers a response to major current challenges. This is a strong social and environmental commitment.

You too can act for tomorrow and act now, by supporting, like us, PLANETE URGENCE in its many actions.


Our commitment to sport, sharing of values

Often reduced to the sole idea of appearing “muscular” or staying in shape, sport nevertheless conveys many other values and benefits.

It has numerous health benefits, such as reducing cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases and the risk of hypertension etc.

Sport is also
bearer of great values

It helps foster team spirit, solidarity, cooperation … important values ​​in everyday life!

Its virtues are numerous: pushing yourself, self-esteem, self-confidence, reducing stress, feelings of well-being, knowledge of one’s body… Sport is not just a physical activity, it is essential for health and the mind.

To enable as many people as possible to do sport, a vector of good health and social integration, we have long been involved with clubs and sports associations in our region, whose actions and commitments are numerous.

We also support high-level athletes, who have trusted us for many years, we thank them for it.

We support them and accompany them in many ways, in all the challenges they face on a daily basis because beyond doing sport and physical achievement, we share moral values:

  • LOYALTY : Sport rejects all forms of “cheating”, such as doping for example;
  • RESPECT :  Respect for oneself, the audience, rules, adversary, environment;
  • SELF-CONTROL : The mastery of the ego, body and energy;
  • EDUCATIONAL VALUE : Sport is a powerful transmission tool.

Sport is all these values ​​at the same time, those that we carry, by committing ourselves.

Laboratoires Ineldéa supports:

8 Sportifs

Aline Choretier

Pauline Cuq

Julien Brun

Romain Langasque

Matthieu Pavon

Thomas Guibal

Charlotte Bonnet

Benjamin Hebert

8 Clubs

Etoiles 92

Nice Olympic Swimming (ONN)

Nice Rugby


Garmin Team
Antibes Triathlon Club
Union Sportive Montalbanaise (USM) Sapiac

1 Fédération

French Swimming Federation

Laboratoires Ineldea supports:

8 Sportifs

Aline Choretier
Pauline Cuq
Julien Brun
Romain Langasque
Matthieu Pavon
Thomas Guibal
Charlotte Bonnet
Benjamin Hebert

8 Clubs

Etoiles 92 Natation
Olympique Nice
Natation (ONN)
Rugby club
de Nice
Racing 92
Team Garmin
Club Antibes
des nageurs
Union Sportive
Montalbanaise (USM)

1 Fédération

La Fédération
de Natation

Sporting events
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Road Race Prom Classic – Half Marathon Nice – Marathon Nice Cannes
Courses O’Xyrace Trail Blanc Jura – Val Revermont Cross Triathlon
Trail Trail of the Larches – Trail of the Alpes Maritimes – The Beauvezer Trail
Swimming Giant Open Qualification Meeting – French Elite 50m Championships – French Summer Masters Championships – French Elite 25m Championships – Prom Swim