Knowing where we come from means knowing where we’re going.

A shared passion for natural health products.

Our story, as is often the case, the result of ONE meeting 30 years ago in the pharmaceutical industry.

Until now, we have never talked about ourselves personally, out of modesty no doubt, but also and above all because what counts in the adventure is the conviction, the project, the collective …
Time has passed and we have so often been asked, “But how did INELDEA Laboratories come into being?”

Today, at the height of our 18 years in business, we have decided to share it with you.


Natural health products designed
for us and our loved ones first.

After designing natural products for many companies for several years and appreciating their benefits, and in building on our additional expertise and our convictions, we decided, after starting our family, to take our own advice and embark on this exciting adventure.

We know about the importance of taking charge of your health every day and we realised that certain natural nutrition solutions did not exist, or did not fully meet our expectations or our requirements. So, we developed our own ranges by choosing the best.

Don’t we always want the best for our people?

Naturalness, efficacy, practicality

  • The best active ingredients and natural ingredients;
  • The most complete and bioavailable formulas;
  • The most suitable and practical galenic formulas;
    These were our requirements.

From these objectives, shortly after the birth of our two daughters, the Laboratoires Ineldea brands were born.

The history of our brands

A range designed for our girls

Made from natural nutrition solutions, relieves physiological disorders in young children to pre-teen age (sleep, anxiety, appetite, energy, immunity, intestinal balance, etc.).

A range for us & our family

Convinced of the extraordinary natural power of essential oils and their benefits, as an alternative to traditional solutions, but aware of the difficulty in using them correctly and in complete safety, we wanted to make using them simple, practical and safe by developing ready-to-use complexes in a patented plant capsule, thus preserving their quality and maximising their assimilation, without taste or odour

For us, but not just us

For all men and women who are active and looking for clear nutritional solutions to stay fit with a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, physical activity), or for those who do sport and require specific nutrition during performance.

For us, too

Because we are convinced that the repeated impact of micro-nutritional deficiencies, linked to the deterioration of the food on our plates, is the root of many ailments, such as those affecting the joints and digestive and circulatory disorders, as well as sleep problems and stress which can be avoided with natural and daily care.

For our everyday vitality

Vitamins and minerals are essential for many functions of the body, but are less and less present in our food. They are, however, essential to our vitality. Based on this observation, we have developed VITAMIN’22® : a range dedicated to the vitality of everyone, combining vitamins, minerals, plants and probiotics in practical and innovative galenics that adapt to the constraints of daily life of everyone.

Because we were convinced.

We have brought together our loved ones with this new and natural way of managing their health, which is not in opposition to allopathy, but which complements it, in an approach based on the comprehensive management of their health.

We thought that what was good for our family would, of course, be good for yours …

Along the way, all our
ranges have grown,
our daughters, too.

If it is no longer PEDIAKID® that they use today, but the products from all the other ranges, in accordance with their specific needs at the time.

Because at each stage of their life, ours and yours, needs change and are different.

Laboratoires Ineldea have

Today, driven by the confidence of health professionals (pharmacists, doctors, naturopaths, etc.) and of our satisfied and loyal consumers, we are constantly innovating to bring you even more natural products and adapted solutions to support your health.

Laboratoires Ineldea have grown and offer more than 400 high-performing natural health products to stay healthy.

Now, more than ever
we remain convinced!

In this troubled and difficult period, marked by an unprecedented health situation, we would like to take a moment to reflect on what we want to in health tomorrow.

How can you stay healthy for a long time?

Curative medicine has made extraordinary advances in recent years, allowing everyone to increase their life expectancy. It is just as important, and even a priority to place natural, preventive medicine at the heart of our health system.

This is the reason why we are by your side every day.

what does it mean ?

Health defines the good physiological state of a living being, the regular and harmonious functioning of the body.

The meaning INELDEA is rooted in its ties to its women.