Natural health products for all.

A natural response for everyone, at each stage of life, to preserve your health now and in the future

A major health victory of the 21st century, infectious diseases are less devastating today, thanks to the technical and scientific prowess achieved by curative medicine

But tomorrow… ?

The diseases of the early
21st century will be chronic and avoidable with prevention

The next few years will see the emergence of a new approach to medicine: preventive and participatory medicine.

The health system will gradually adopt a new model: evolving from a global curative logic, towards a preventive and personalised logic, taking into account the needs and individualities of each person.

Our modern lifestyles and consumption have exposed us to new risk factors, the main ones being: obesity, smoking, pollution, stress, etc.

The age of the “ignorant patient”, who passively consults his doctor, is drawing to a close. A new era of the “patient actor” is emerging in which the patient is informed, and wishes to better understand, aspiring to participate in taking decisions and engaging in them.

Laboratories Ineldea
maintain your health:
We take care of you

We contribute every day, in everything we do, to ensure that your precious health is maintained throughout your life, from an early age.

It has become essential to take care of yourself, to be an actor in your health and well-being, to be in great shape, staying young and longer, etc.

This is the whole point of the natural health products that we are developing

Their objectives are to enhance the individual capabilities, as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Natural health products
for everyone

Natural health products from Laboratories Ineldea are aimed at everyone who wants to become an actor in their own health by promoting a preventive and physiological approach to preserve, support and strengthen their health. Women, men, children, athletes… each individual at each stage of his/her life must provide his/her body with specific nutrients according to his/her needs.

Each of our ranges have been designed to meet this objective.

Laboratories Ineldea: Offering everyone, the expected answers and the natural health products that suit you

With 9 brands: Pediakid®, Olioseptil®, Ineldea Santé Naturelle®, STC Nutrition®, Vitamin’22®, Nutriexpert®, Effiderm®, Efficolor® as well as Medicafarm® and a portfolio of more than 400 references, we offer an answer that is nutritionally adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

To meet the major concerns regarding well-being and health, we carefully select for each of our products with the most scientifically documented natural active ingredients, as well as the most innovative dosage forms to guarantee maximum assimilation and practicality.

Our technical and scientific expertise is now widely recognised with the trust of healthcare professionals and the trust you place in us.

Laboratories Ineldea
is involved

National Union of Food Supplements

We actively participate in putting in place concrete actions for responsible development in our business sector, particularly on matters relating to quality, information and consumer safety. Our mission is also the promotion of food supplements and their recognition as an integral part of a well-being and health policy.

French Union of Sports Nutrition

We are also an SFNS Member, whose mission is to promote sports nutrition, with the aim of protecting health, seeking performance, and preventing addictive behaviour.

ISO 22 000 standard

As part of a permanent quality approach, Laboratoires Ineldea is ISO 22 000 certified, the highest level of certification in terms of product safety.

Anti-Doping: Now European Standard NF EN17444

We pay special attention to the quality of our formulations and their active ingredients.

We were one of the 1st brands, in 2012, through our STC NUTRITION® range, to comply with the French anti-doping standard AFNOR V94-001.

This standard, at the initiative of France (Ministry of Sports and Manufacturers through Synadiet), has very recently been adopted and harmonised to become European standard NF 17 444, guaranteeing the perfect quality and safety of foodstuffs and food supplements for athletes. All our nutrition products comply with the European Anti-Doping standard NF EN 17444.

A policy of well-being and health

Our mission is also the promotion of food supplements and their recognition as an integral part of a well-being and health policy.

Product Quality & Safety

All our natural health products are manufactured in accordance with regulations and according to a quality and product safety management system.