Laboratoires Ineldéa: more than 20 years’ experience.


Solid expertise

Our scientific teams work every day to design the most efficient natural health products, by rigorously selecting the best nutrients and natural active ingredients, according to their nutritional and physiological benefits. They are then combined at the right dosages in our formulas, based on their synergies of action, in order to guarantee optimal assimilation and effectiveness.


Choice of ingredients and formulation

Extensive scientific monitoring allows us to offer natural health products at the cutting edge of innovation, with unparalleled quality and recognised effectiveness.

By combining the best active ingredients, in the right form and in the most suitable galenic (gel capsules, hard capsules, drinkable solutions, powders, etc.), we guarantee optimised bioavailability for easier assimilation, while respecting the body.

In fact, it is not enough to concentrate substances with benefits in order to take advantage of these qualities: they must still be “bioavailable”, i.e. able to be assimilated and optimally used by the body, without attacking it.

All of our natural health products are known for being natural, their quality and reliability while respecting the physiological balance of the body. They are neither drugs nor doping products.


Formalised marketing

Before being placed on the market, all of our natural health products are subject to a declaration to the competent authorities.

While defined as a “food, the purpose of which is to supplement a normal diet”, they are the only food category subject to this obligation. An additional guarantee of safety and confidence.

When you trust Laboratories Ineldea, you are choosing cutting-edge technical and scientific expertise.