A customised solution for everyone.

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The 100% natural reflex of parents

PEDIAKID® is the first range of natural health products, developed based from 100% natural active ingredients. It offers innovative, exclusive and patented formulations—a set of solutions to each small disturbance in the life of a child (immunity, sleep, appetite, growth, digestion, etc.). Each PEDIAKID® formulation makes it possible to have a customised and safe response to the needs of even the youngest children, with gentle action without undesirable effects.

Every day, better health!

A concentrated source of micronutrients and active ingredients with a natural origin, the products in the INELDEA SANTE NATURELLE® range offer a means of preserving and strengthening everyone’s health by restoring micronutrient deficiencies. Formulated with plant extracts and patented active ingredients, INELDEA SANTE NATURELLE® offers a specific response to the needs of each individual at each stage of life.

Essential oils release all of their power

OLIOSEPTIL® is a range that concentrates the extraordinary properties of essential oils in galenics that are adapted to each person’s needs (capsule, spray, syrup, dropper bottle, etc.) and safe, in order to facilitate their use and preserve their quality. All of the essential oils meet strict quality criteria, which guarantee maximum effectiveness. All of our essential oils are 100% pure and natural, defined as essential oils botanically and biochemically defined (EOBBD) and generally organic.

Take care of your body naturally

STC NUTRITION® meets the specific nutritional requirements for all physical activities, regardless of the level: before, during and after exercise.

STC NUTRITION® also offers appropriate, natural and healthy responses to individual slimming goals, whether focused on the entire body or targeted areas.

All the products in the STC NUTRITION® range comply with the AFNOR NF V94-001 ANTI-DOPING Standard.

The natural cosmetic

Resolutely modern, active and respectful of both nature and your skin, EFFIDERM® face and body cosmetics offer exceptional care, which will allow you to defy time, while naturally preserving your skin’s youthfulness. EFFIDERM® skincare products are formulated using precious active ingredients that have been rigorously selected, in order to obtain unique compositions, tested under dermatological control and in respecting all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Give yourself the vitamin boost you need!

VITAMIN’22® is a complete and innovative product to restore your body and vitality, strengthen your natural defences and improve physical and intellectual performance on a daily basis. The formulas in the VITAMIN’22®, range combine plant extracts, vitamins and probiotics in practical and modern galenics that adapt to individual lifestyles.


NATURFIT® was born from the desire to offer natural health products that support an approach centered on physiological needs of each woman to enable everyone to make their bodies their allies at every stage of their lives. NATURFIT® provides global, natural and ORGANIC* responses, that respect everyone’s lifestyles and preferences. Naturalness, transparency, authenticity and innovation are at the heart of our formulas, in order to offer the most natural alternatives possible in line with the requirements of today’s world.

Naturally preserve health, well-being and beauty

NUTRIEXPERT® offers innovative products to synergistic formulas, bringing together the most effective active ingredients and the latest technologies. Thanks to eight creations and more than 250 references, the NUTRIEXPERT® range helps to preserve and strengthen health, well-being and beauty.

The natural hair colour for sublime hair

Developed from natural active ingredients, the innovative and soft formulas of each of the 16 shades and EFFICOLOR care product, make it possible to darken, lighten or enhance your natural colour, while respecting the sensitivity of your scalp and preserving the health and beauty capital of your hair.

Partner of healthcare professionals

MEDICAFARM® care products have been developed to meet the requirements of healthcare professionals (medical centres, physical therapists, osteopaths, etc.) and offer them a wide choice of high-quality products to support them.

Made up of massage gels, creams and oils, the range makes multiple applications possible and offers care products formulated with 100% natural active ingredients, that are paraben-free, dye-free, GMO-free and animal-free ingredients.