At the start of the new year, many people seek a gentle and natural way to shape up after the festivities. Naturfit®, which helps women get back into shape and feel good in their bodies again, is the way to start the year off right with a 10-day regimen of apple cider vinegar with the “mother” in 10-mLvials.

An Ancient Tradition for Modern Vitality

For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been prized for its multiple benefits. This natural elixir, rich in organic acids and essential nutrients, embodies an ancestral tradition used for centuries to promote well-being. Naturfit® has revived this tradition to meet contemporary needs.

The Benefits of a 10-DayRegimen

The magic of Cidractiv® apple cider vinegar from Naturfit® lies in the simplicity of the 10-day regimen. The 10-mLvials offer an experience that is easy to integrate into your daily routine.

Why Dilute Apple Cider Vinegar?

Aware of the importance of digestive tolerance, experts recommend diluting apple cider vinegar in water or fruit juice. This precaution helps preserve digestive comfort and tooth enamel for a radiant, healthy smile while maximising the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

The Mother of Vinegar? What is that about?

At the heart of this regimen is the “mother” of apple cider vinegar, a gelatinous substance visible in the liquid as a deposit at the bottom of the vial. The “mother” is a symbiosis of acetic acid bacteria and beneficial yeasts. This gives apple cider vinegar its probiotic properties and its richness in enzymes. The presence of the mother distinguishes conventional apple cider vinegar from that offered by Naturfit® and makes it truly effective for your well-being. Find this new product here.

Apple Cider Vinegar:ARange of Benefits for the Body and Mind

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for the body. Whether you are looking to improve your well-being, control your blood sugar, or revive the radiance of your skin and hair during the winter, apple cider vinegar will meet your needs.

  • Glycaemic balance: Apple cider vinegar may play a role in maintaining stable blood sugar and promoting consistent energy. Including it in a balanced diet to support optimal glycaemic regulation is recommended. It can be taken before meals to delay the absorption of sugar into the blood.
  • Natural appetite management: : An apple cider vinegar regimen can help moderate cravings. It is an ally for those seeking to regain a balanced relationship with food. Taking the time to savour each bite, listening to satiety signals, and favouring nutritious foods rich in fibre are valuable complements to the apple cider vinegar regimen. For people looking to regulate their appetite, the apple cider vinegar regimenis best done in the early or mid-afternoon, when a bout of fatigue may set in. It will help maintain alertness and focus throughout the afternoon.
  • Skin radiance: The antioxidants in apple cider vinegar contribute to glowing and radiant skin. To maximise the effects, combine the regimen with a gentle skincare routine that is adapted to your skin type.

Additional Wellness Tips

Are you still looking for wellness advice to start 2024 in great shape? Here is a small list of habits that are easy to implement and make a difference in a healthy lifestyle.

Watch your Diet

In addition to the apple cider vinegar regimen, choose light and balanced meals, especially after the holiday season when we tend to eat richer foods. Chew slowly to aid digestion, and avoid consuming large meals before bed to promote restful sleep.

Move Whenever You Get the Chance

Complete your well-being approach by including regular physical activity. A simple daily walk or yoga session can help balance the body and mind.

Learn to Let Go

Stress can impact digestion and glycaemic regulation, notably triggering cortisol peaks. Explore stress management techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or even relaxing activities like reading or painting to free your mind and do your body good at the same time.

A Holistic Vision of Well-Being

In conclusion, Cidractiv® invites you to embrace a holistic approach to health. Start this year by caring for yourself gently and naturally, with the best of nature harvested just for you: Naturfit®, a 10-day apple cider vinegar regimen in vials.