Feel comfortable in your body. This is a good resolution for this new year. Still, too many women say they do not feel good about their bodies, with repercussions on their daily life: picking out clothes, self-confidence, physical activity, etc.

It is important to free yourself from these harsh criticisms and find a way to feel good about your body by opting for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and tasty diet.

So, with weight loss being the fourth biggest concern for the French in terms of health, there are many methods of all kinds to lose weight. Between natural methods, food rebalancing, express diets, and the support of a health professional, the possibilities are multiple but not always adapted to expectations and, especially, to the daily constraints of each person (not enough time for physical activity, need for natural choices, specific support, etc.).

To offer solutions that are even better adapted to everyone’s lifestyle, INELDEA Laboratories has developed a new, easy offering that meets consumer expectations with complete, natural, and safe formulas: Naturfit®.

Naturfit® an innovative offer with galenics and formulas adapted to the needs of all women.

Here are a few words on the creation of this new offering, with Laurie, range manager and responsible for this launch.

What were the motivations behind the creation of Naturfit®?

To support and help women turn their bodies into their allies by offering them safe, innovative, and organic natural health products whenever possible.

What is the purpose of creating this new offering?

There is no miracle recipe to lose weight. The energy balance must be negative. In other words, the energy expenditure — which corresponds to the number of calories burned during a day — must be greater than the daily caloric intake.

Two solutions emerge: limit your caloric intake or increase energy expenditure. We can increase energy expenditure with small daily actions, such as walking to work, opting for the stairs rather than the elevator, etc. However, not everyone has the time or the desire to do physical activity to increase caloric expenditure. In this case, food remains the key: it is vital to opt for healthy, satisfying recipes and rich in essential nutrients.

Naturfit® supports women who wish to refine their silhouette with their own approach. We offer natural health products that correspond to their lifestyle and expectations regarding naturalness and effectiveness. Our offering is ORGANIC, and we also seek to respond to more specific issues that arise at certain times in a woman’s life.

What is in Naturfit® ?

Naturfit® is composed of three main new products with different dosage forms and objectives to solve various weight loss problems.

Among this offering, two programmes make it possible to support weight loss naturally through three essential mechanisms: detoxify, drain, and burn fat.

  • Drainaslim® is an ORGANIC slimming draining product in capsule format for all those who do not like liquid galenics. A formula composed of 100% synergistic organic plant extracts to detoxify, drain, and facilitate weight loss.

  • Holislim® is a total programme in vial format formulated with 100% organic plant extracts that has three successive stages lasting 10 days each: detoxify, drain, and burn fat.

Each vial contains 1 g of organic French Birch sap, recognised for its incomparable detoxifying qualities, combined with plant extracts of interest such as:

  • Dandelion, Black radish, and Fumitory for their detoxifying effect.
  • Ash, Piloselle, and Meadowsweet are known to drain the body naturally.
  • Green tea, Guarana, and Green Coffee have been selected for their fat-burning action.
  • The third new product was specifically designed to help young mothers reconnect with their bodies after pregnancy, during the postpartum period, which can be particularly trying.

Can you tell us a bit more about this postpartum offering?

The idea behind this offering is simple: help women who have given birth regain their shape and form by supporting them with a natural and effective formula responding 100% to their physiological state.

Indeed, after nine months of pregnancy, childbirth, and the arrival of a newborn, the mother’s body replaces that of the woman. So, you have to take the time to reclaim this new body that gave life and regain your energy.

The Postnatal Slimming Package was designed with this in mind. It combines two synergistic day and night formulas that adapt to the needs of young mothers.

  • In the day formula, there is a slimming complex made up of Coleus, Papaya, Bromelain, and Fibregum™ and a vitality complex combining Spirulina and some Vitamin C to help the body burn fat and regain energy.

  • The night formula consists of four strains of probiotics dosed at 10 billion CFU to support the intestinal flora, which plays a major role in overall well-being, weight loss, and emotional well-being, which is often intense after childbirth.

Since we wanted the offering to be adapted to everyone, the formula is fully compatible with breastfeeding.

So, here’s Naturfit®, a new slimming and well-being offering to respond naturally and effectively to consumers’ weight-loss and well-being concerns, all with products adapted to their needs and daily lives.

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