An IFOP survey on “Women and their relationship with their bodies”, carried out in 2013, shows that 42% of French women consider hair to be an important issue.

Colouring concerns 77.5% of women.
Among them, 38% colour at home.

Choosing a natural colour means prioritising the type and health of your hair. Unlike chemical colouring, natural colouring respects the hair while giving it flexibility, shine and vigour.

Approved and tested by “Independent Expert Hairdressers”, the EffiColor® Cream Colour range, with 15 products, has been developed using innovative and gentle professional formulas, which make it possible to darken, lighten or enhance your natural colour, while respecting the sensitivity of the scalp.

Thanks to its active ingredients (Argan Oil, Keratin), the hair is deeply nourished, protected and extremely radiant. The smooth, creamy texture is easy to apply, does not run and can be applied monthly.

If you want to change your look, turn to EffiColor® Cream Colorations. In just a few simple steps that you can do at home, you can give your hair new shine!


A natural colour range that has it all!
  • Safe & tested under dermatological control

  • 0% Ammonia

  • 0% Resorcinol

  • 0% Parabens

  • 0% Paraphenylenediamine (PPD)

  • Effective

Covers 100% of greys
  • Lighten or darken by up to 2 to 3 shades

  • Bright colour and high shine thanks to Argan oil

  • Vigorous and resistant hair thanks to Keratin

  • Ultra soft

Recommended for sensitive scalps
  • Ammonia-free formula

  • Special active ingredients that nourish, strengthen and smooth the hair fibre (Argan Oil and Keratin), making colouring a treatment.

  • Easy to use

A creamy texture that does not run
  • A tube applicator

  • Instructions for use and gloves included

85% of women who colour their hair want:

  • To perfectly cover greys
  • To be able to change their natural colour by lightening or darkening it by up to 2-3 shades
  • Beautiful colour is a colour that is maintained thanks to specific products

Associated products for complete care

EffiColor® Beautifying Shampoo is a cleansing treatment for coloured hair. It allows you to wash your hair without damaging your colour. It instils radiance and shine in your hair and optimises its beauty.