Changing seasons goes hand in hand with upheavals and imbalances. Indeed, each seasonal transition requires the body to modify its habits, and in the long term, this can wear it out.

Changes in things such as the amount of sunshine, time changes, and changes in sleep rhythm can, in particular, create a deficit that affects the immune system. And this is not only in the transition to winter but also applies to the transition to spring. Thus, while the transition to summer means sunshine later in the day, it necessarily delays bedtime. Similarly, if you wake up and the sun has not risen yet, your body will not receive the signal to wake up fully. This is why the one-hour time change may seem trivial, but it throws off sleep balance in reality.

Fatigue, a weakened immune system, and low morale are some of the signs that affect some of us during changes in season. Fortunately, there are 100% natural solutions to boost your body, limit these concerns, and start the new period on the right foot.

  • Royal jelly. Rich in sugar, protein, vitamins, and trace elements, it is known to boost the immune system. It should be taken as a treatment, during the year, during changes in seasons or when you experience fatigue. It is always best to opt for royal jelly from organic farms packaged in a protective atmosphere to not alter its nutritional qualities. You should consume 1 g per day during the treatment upon waking on an empty stomach.

  • Detox. It purifies and cleanses the body of all accumulated waste. While you can detox throughout the year, it is best during changes in seasons, which are a perfect time to reset “the body to zero”. Whether you are looking to lose weight or simply want to take care of your body, detoxing is ideal when you want to get back on the right foot. Choose the customised solution based on your goal.

Slimming detox

  • A slimming detox is when the primary goal is to prepare the body for weight loss and fat reduction, whether in a targeted area or the whole body. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a formula rich in plant extracts that facilitates elimination (birch, meadowsweet, mouse-ear hawkweed, dandelion, etc.) and in active ingredients known to activate fat burning, such as green tea, Mate, or Guarana. A slimming detox triggers elimination and optimises subsequent weight-loss efforts.

Health Detox

  • A health detox is a must for those who want to start the new season by cleansing their body! This should focus on the five emunctory organs.

What are emunctory organs? These are the organs responsible for eliminating waste from the body. There are five: the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin.

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  • To cleanse and purify these organs, you should opt for a complete formula with active ingredients that support the detoxification of the liver (artichoke and birch extracts), kidneys (dandelion and black elderberry extracts), intestines (white deadnettle and couch grass extracts), skin (extracts of Burdock and Stinging Nettle), as well as the lungs (white bouillon extract). Birch sap is also very useful because it promotes the drainage of these emunctory organs.

To optimise the detox, you will need to adapt your diet by restricting or even eliminating any industrial food during the detox. Hydration with water and herbal teas will also promote elimination.

  • Focus on Fruits and Vegetables. As we move towards summer, it is always easier to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables because they fill up the stalls of our markets. It is a pleasure to find strawberries, the first tomatoes of spring, or even asparagus.

Consuming vegetables every day in all forms (cooked or raw) is important to provide the necessary fibre for your body. Mixed salad, soup, ratatouille, roasted vegetables, etc. Vegetables in all their forms should be a part of everyone’s daily diet.

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  • Sports and sleep. It is very common to feel tired after running or a weight-training session. However, sport helps maintain physical and mental fitness. It strengthens the body and the heart, a particularly vital organ, and stimulates the brain thanks to the release of endorphins, the happiness hormones. For your physical activity to continue to be effective, you need to allow yourself to rest, and you should go to bed at a reasonable time to maintain good energy levels.

  • Boost your vitality. It is not only in winter that you may experience fatigue. If it is not taken into account, your body gradually weakens and becomes more vulnerable to circulating viruses. This is why it is necessary to have a varied, healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and take Vitamin C. Acerola is a small tangy fruit from South America, a great natural source of Vitamin C. For example, it contains 30 times more Vitamin C than an orange. To replenish your vitality and end recurring episodes of fatigue, take Acerola. Natural health products containing pure and 100% natural Acerola extract are preferred for maximum effectiveness.

You now have all of the keys in hand to attack the new season head-on with increased energy and vitality levels. We wish you a beautiful spring!